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Schools and Charities are welcome to request free use of my images. Please ask, there will be no charges (except print and carriage) and only minor restrictive conditions for bone fide schools and charitable organisations (see "watermarks" below).
(Regrettably this offer is primarily available to UK organisations.)
Any enquiries please email me here

Quotes used in various pages (indicated by the use of " ") are from the pens of Mumford and Sons and Natalie Merchant.

All images, on all products are sold watermarked free. Watermarks are added to images online in an attempt to deter illegal exploitation and are removed prior to printing. Note: When free use is ceded to schools and charitable institutions (UK only) a small watermark will be left in the least obtrusive corner of the image in question. This must not be removed or deliberately obscured

Products - info to note:
To view card samples please follow this link... Note: only one image can be printed, only inner pages available for greetings/message.

Panoramas :
Panoramas at the moment can only be printed at 20" x 8". Unfortunately my panoramas are more likely to be 20" x 4" or 20" x 5". Printing at 20" x 8" will therefore leave an amount of white above and below the printed image. To present this in the frame I wish to use I carefully cut into the white (top and bottom) to give me the size I want relative to the frame I wish to use. Not ideal I know. I am currently trying to find a reasonably priced printer who can offer more flexible sizing options.

If you are experiencing difficulties feel free to mail me here