Site revamp


Site revamp underway
Realised the site was beginning to look a little jaded and tired. Opted to undergo a revamp. As usual with these types of things I have found it less easy than I anticipated and in some respects I have been disappointed in that I have had to accept some compromises. Nevertheless, I believe the new style is brighter, cleaner and fresher looking. I will continue tweaking it but will only post any significant changes.

The keen eyed among you will realise that despite the revamp I have stayed with the main colour scheme ... green red and white, although significantly more black now comes into play. Why those colours ... simples .... the colours of my national flag - Wales / Cymru. Our national Saint is St David and I would have liked to incorporate St.David's flag's colours also but while black is easy enough to use yellow is a tad more difficult. Never mind!
Catch you soon

Oh! I also intend whittling down the number of images on site. Those not quite up to scratch quality-wise will go, along with those that have generated little interest. It will also allow me to introduce more images of new scenes and objects.