New images to scapes, flora and panorama galleries

After too long an absence .... some new images!
one of my rare expeditions
Apologies for the long absence. been a little tied up in house renovations .. sigh! I have though tried to keep up with my photography though out of necessity more time had to be spent on easy to find shots as expedition time was becoming limited. Hence you will find quite few new images in the "flora" gallery. Not that I didn't get out and about at all. In the "scapes" gallery you'll find a couple of new images that shows I did manage it a few times. In the "panorama" gallery there;s a new winter panorama that cost me dearly.

Other news:
well I finally updated my ageing Sony DSLR A100 (farewell, you served me well!) and plumped for the Sony SLT A65. Apart from the the electronic viewfinder (which I was no stranger to having thoroughly enjoyed using one on my Minolta bridge camera) it was the LCD screen that opened my eyes. Apart from the superb image quality it really adds functionality in that you can use the camera in all sorts of awkward positions and zoom in real close to check for accurate focus, important when shooting close-ups or macros in manual focus mode. I don't know about you but I always focus manually and find the option incredibly useful. Mind you I will never be fully comfortable shooting via the LCD screen only, if I can get it to my eye I will always shoot via the viewfinder (old habits perhaps .... or a belief I can only hand hold properly with the viewfinder to my eye. Course, on a tripod it makes not a jot of difference which is used but I grant that the LCD is the more obvious choice in that scenario.
I have also now got hold of an adapter to allow me to use the old Konica Minolta MD mount lenses. I'm gloriously impressed with their 50mm F2 prime lens. Now hunting for a 90 or 110mm macro. None of the images taken with MD mount lenses have yet made it on site but when they do I'll flag them up for those interested in the technicalities.
What else ... oh yes, I've been ill but hey haven't we all ... I wont bore you with the details
Au revoir

Oh! And I added the Flickr feed ... again. I'll make up my mind one day ... or will I?