New landscapes

Four new images in the landscape gallery. Some old, some new ....
Two images dating back to 2008 and featuring a favourite spot of mine on the Isle of Skye where dawns and sunsets can be spectacular. I am not a huge fan of HDR but occasionally I can see that the process can add a certain something to the image, and I think that's evident in the one example I have included.
The other two images are more recent. One again comes from Scotland but was taken last autumn en-route to The Highlands, while the other is from my favourite haunt, The Brecon Beacons National Park. Wales.
The Welsh image was taken in January of this year during a cold spell and I stumbled upon a sight I have never before seen. It was the culmination of weather conditions coming together to present a spectacular sight. I captured only a small part of it and I do not possess the literary skills to describe fully what I saw that day .....