Increased capability

I wanted to increase users viewers experience by increasing the size of images ..
In particular I felt it was important to find a way of presenting my images in a manner that makes the purchasing decision easier to judge and arrive at.
To a large extent an images quality is determined by the detail it contains (while this is sometimes not true, generally speaking it is a major factor). I was concerned that I was asking site users to make judgement decisions based on a low resolution and limited size image.
To overcome this I felt I had to make larger images available, albeit via specific requests. Accordingly, I opened an account with online storage site "box" ( Free membership gave me access to 5Gb of storage space and the ability to make folders and files available to others.
Using box immediately gave me access to storage space for image back-up (great to know your best images are safe) and allowed access to invited guests.

I have initially made one folder available and put in it some of my most recent images. Using the link below you are invited to access the folder and play around with the resources available. For instance, hovering on the file name will bring up a thumbnail, while clicking on the image you are interetsed in will open it to a larger size.
In larger view there is a slider bottom left that allows you to zoom in and out to examine details while in bottom right are controls for printing and viewing full screen (escape key to return). Above the image you will find further options which include download buttons and sharing options (you can get link and send to others).
The current images are used as examples of what is possible. I can add images at will and even generate additional folders for private viewing of specific images.
I should add that while the resolution of these images is better it is still well below that of the original. It does however give you a better viewing experience. Feel free to download, but to control usage I have watermarked all images.

Remember: I claim copyright on all my images and usage for commercial reasons is not allowed. You may use the images from box for any non commercial purpose and in doing so a nice link to my photography site(s) would be appreciated. You should not remove the watermark!

There we go then! Increased functions, sharing and downloads all for free. Can't be bad. Visit for yourself to see if you can put their facility to good use.

Shared folder: here! ( new window opens).